About IsoFirms

IsoFirms are proud to bring the new innovative high quality isolate IsoFirms Isosteviol into the nutritional area of both the food and feed industry.
IsoFirms is based just outside Aarhus in Jutland, Denmark.

We are a Danish company that was founded in April 2020, by a broadly skilled investor group and the inventors of the newest patent in IsoFirms Gunnar Kvistgaard and Randi Søndergaard.

Our Mission

IsoFirms' mission is to make an innovative ingredient many advantages within the sports segment as well as the feed additive area available to everyone in many applications.

Our Vision

Our vision is to motivate and empower you to reach the goals!


Our management consists of experienced professionals dedicated to achieving the mission of IsoFirms

Randi Søndergaard

Founder, CEO of IsoFirms

Randi brings entrepreneurship into business also using the standards from her quality and regulatory background.

Financial and medicinal background as well, makes her a generalist with creative skills.

The combination of the above values with a teamwork mindset is the IsoFirms signature.

Randi Søndergaard, CEO

Phone: +45 2255 0357

E-mail: rs@IsoFirms.com


April 2020


April 2020

License to patent DK priority PA 2013 70226 – PCT application PCT/DK2014/050105

November 2020

Patent submission PA 2020 70758 (now pending)

IsoFirms also hold the rights to the patent about Steviol glycosides effect on muscle recovery and endurance, which originated from University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Inventors of this patent were Per Bendix Jeppesen and Søren Lavrsen.

Per Bendix Jeppesen

Per Bendix Jeppesen is Cand. Scient (M. Sc.), Aarhus University 1997. Master thesis.
PhD degree in Medicine, Board member of the Diabetes and Nutrition Study Group (DNSG) of the European Association for the study of Diabetes.

Søren Lavrsen

Søren Lavrsen is M.Sc. also from Aarhus University.